Jabeson is the high-end premium bag brand established in February 2020. It is a bag business started in a small township called Masiphumelele in Cape Town where the founder used one of his aunt's room to push the brand and manufacturer Jabeson products. Jabeson was founded on passion and vision


Someleze Jabe , a young , passionate and dedicated entrepreneur who founded his brand at the age of 16 years , was born and bred in a small village called Mendu in Gatyana and he was raised by a single mother his father died while his mother was still pregnant. "Growing up without a father's love was never easy but that didn't stop me from chasing my dream" he said. On 2013 he moved to stay with his aunt in Masiphumelele around Cape Town to seek for a better education. He fell in love with sewing after he joined an after-school sewing program. "I fell inlove with sewing but starting my own brand was one of my dream" he said.


The aim is to motivate my peers that opportunities are searched and not handed on a silver plate. But that was not only the plan but to employ and create jobs for many South African youth , with a vision to expand my business and make it successful continue our strong quality and beautiful bags , continue getting support from people inside and outside South Africa to make our brand prosper. We strive to deliver the best quality services to our supporters and we also believe in helping and building our community through our work. This will encourage the youth of South Africa and create a better country. And lastly , I would like to say that people should start with the little they have , and God shall intervene.


"Quality in every design"